No Apps Needed! 10 Of The Best-Hidden Iphone Features That You Did Not Know About

iphone hidden features

Is there an iPhone with hidden features, these tricks aren’t really hidden at all. Well, in this article we’re going to tell you about 10 hidden iPhone features that are real, and truly hidden. You could look at your iPhone from now to infinity and you wouldn’t find any of these hidden iPhone features and secret codes.

Hidden iPhone features that no one knows and you don’t need iPhones apps

Many of the hidden settings we’ve seen on sites and even covered here are simply things that are in the Settings app in places people wouldn’t look. These are great things to know, plenty of people would like to make their flash blink with every call or message if they knew that they could.

Do the hidden iPhone functions exist on iOS?

Each of the iPhone hacks that follow below, however, are completely hidden. There is no indication that these hidden iPhone functions exist in iOS, and we guarantee that most users don’t know about them. In fact, we guarantee that even the most knowledgeable Phone owners among you will find at least one or two things you didn’t already know. In fact, giw this list a worker at Apple and there will be things that even the worker doesn’t know.

Top 10 iPhone tricks and tips

Redial: In the iPhone apps, press the green call button on the keypad screen to make the last dialed number appear.

iphone hidden features


    1. Clear cache: Make your iPhone run faster by clearing out the cache in several of Apple’s apps using a hidden trick.
    2. In the Podcasts, Music, Game Center, iMessage and iPhone apps, tap on any single tab icon at the bottom of the screen 10 times in a row.
    3. Make TouchID work faster: Save the same fingerprint multiple times as different entries and TouchID will work much faster. This is especially useful for older phones like the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s.
    4. Spotlight math: Do you like to finish a math problem easily? There is no need to click on the Calculator, just pull down to open Spotlight and type it right there.
    5. Delete numbers in the Calculator: Speaking of the Calculator, you can delete single digits when you tap the wrong number by swiping left or right on the screen where the numbers appear.
    6. Clear RAM to make your iPhone apps work faster: Hold down the power button until you see “Slide to power off,” then let go and hold down the home button until the screen blanks out and your screen reappears.
    7. Burst mode: Hold down the camera’s shutter button to shoot in burst mode.
    8. Remote shutter: Use the volume up or down button on your headphones to snap a photo in the Camera app.
    9. 3D Touch while drawing: All of the drawing tools and the eraser are pressure sensitive in the Notes app.
    10. Close multiple apps on your iPhone at once: Tap the home button twice to open the app switcher and you can use two or even three fingers to slide more than one app and close everything with one swipe.