This Is Something You Need To Know! These 10 Bizarre Facts About Tears Will Make You Cry

10 bizarre facts tears need knowAn Interesting Fact is that all humans cry during their life. When we are born, our life starts with crying and when we leave this world it’s the same thing. There are some weird facts about the tears that we don’t know. Read on to know some strange and bizarre facts about tears

There are three types of tears – Emotional, Basal and Reflex

There are emotional tears which we all know, but there are two more types. These are basal and reflex tears. Basal tears are necessary for the eyes. Basal tears prevent the eyes from drying. Reflex tears are produced in response to the environment.

A Strange and bizarre communication method for babies to the outside world

Babies have only one communication method, through crying. Babies cry for all reasons such as pain, discomfort, hunger, loneliness and fear.

Most interesting fact ever is that crying because of emotional is unique only to humans

Crying is unique only to humans and we cry to show our unique emotions to people around us. It happens when we are not able to express our feelings through words.10 bizarre facts tears need know

Crying makes you feel better as it takes away all the feelings trapped inside our minds

Crying can help you feel better and get read of the feelings that you have trapped inside your mind. A good crying often ends with someone soothing the cries.

Weird fact of the day is that bad crying makes you feel even worse

There are habitual criers who are not crying about one thing. These crying often lead to worse. The crier can be led to even more depression.

There is a weird fact is that women cry more than men

There are two reasons for women crying more. One is that women’s have more prolactin. This has an effect on the functioning of endocrine glands. Additionally, tear ducts are narrower in women so tears spill more easily.

10 bizarre facts tears need know

Strange and bizarre about tears in pain and tears in happiness

Humans cry when they are sad or unhappy. Our tears are related to extreme emotions. Extreme emotions can’t be expressed with words.

Most Interesting Fact Ever is that Women’s tears can send chemical signals to men that they are not interested in sex

Tears can reduce physical intimacy arousal in men. It is kind of a non-verbal way of communicating that she is not ready for the act yet.

A strange and bizarre condition which can lead to involuntary crying

10 bizarre facts tears need know

There is a disease called Pathological Crying and Laughing. This disease can be caused due to Alzheimer’s disease or due to a Stroke.

One of the strangest and bizarre things is that your body is crying even when not crying

There is a requirement of Basal tears to keep our eyes moist. The body keeps producing small amounts of tears even in the absence of any emotional outburst.