What Are The 8 Ways To Unlock Your Human Soul?

There are the moments when we feel like someone is trying to tell us something. Like we are being contacted by some human power that we unlocked in our soul.

Can intuition help you find a way to unlock your human soul?

Scientists claim that intuition is the only way to unlock your human soul. It’s a big chunk of information that can’t be processed quickly enough by our conscious mind. The other parts of our psyche can get the message and inform us through emotion. Psychics and shamans tap into these dormant parts of our unconscious mind to communicate with Spirit energy Guides or some other forms of intelligence. Once the spirit and the soul was our main language that helped us survive. And there are ways to which we can all remember and unlock our human soul!

These are the 8 ways to unlock and connect with your human soul.

  1. Connect with your human soul and energy

What does it mean to entirely connect with your human soul and energy? That means that you need to be same with yourself. The congruence lets you be who you really are and it is of crucial importance to know how to use it. Only when you are really honest with yourself, you will be able to connect to your soul and spirit.

  1. Stay in the present with your human soul and energy

We need to be present in that moment. Because only when we are in the present with our human soul and energy, we can receive the vibrations. We don’t want to go in the past or to go in the future.

  1. You need to use human seance

All of us have 5 senses and we are using them daily. We use the senses for different things: see, hear, taste, smell and touch. These are the recognized psychological senses. By using all of the seances at once, we can take a lot more information.

  1. You need to feel the vibrations that are coming from your human soul

Try to feel the vibrations when they “come” to you in your human body. When we are in the present moment and we use our senses, we can let the intuitive vibrations guide us.

  1. Trust your heart and soul feelings

After receiving the intuitive vibrations, you get a strong gut feeling! However, it comes with a “message”. Before you try to understand the message trust your gut feeling. Connect with it.

  1. You need to let your soul and spirit guide you in life

Calm down and just feel for a moment. You are now connected with most parts of your being, even with your soul and spirit. So let your human soul energy guide you through and let yourself find the answers you need. Your human soul will translate you the message.

  1. Feel the energy in your soul and spirit

Stay and feel the intuitive sparkling energy inside your soul. Let it be there for a while.

  1. You need to be aware

To be aware of what? To be aware of everything written before. To be aware of the connection with your human soul and to be aware of your soul energy.