Are There Benefits For The Children That Meditate In School?

meditation children

A new article last month has shown a Baltimore school that’s replaced the classic sit and suffer detention with a more progressive and effective form: one where kids learn to meditate. Far from the classic method of hoping that kids will spontaneously reevaluate their own behavior through punishment.

There are a lot of benefits that meditation and mindfulness can offer kids


Teaching kids to focus on their breath and on the present moment may have a lot more value in the long run. But as one reader pointed out, teaching meditation outside of detention by infusing it into the school day as a matter, of course, is even better, and may help kids avoid the things that land them in detention in the first place. The research on meditation and the developing brain is not quite as robust as it is in adults, but it’s starting to take off. Here are some of the benefits that research tells us meditation and mindfulness can offer kids.

Is the meditation the way of having Increased attention in class, or meditation is the way of making kids quiet?

meditation children

A lot of studies shown the effects of meditation on attention in adults with and without ADHD, and there’s some evidence that it can help kids focus, too. A study from 2004 found out that children with ADHD that have learned meditation with their teachers and kept practicing it at home, had better concentration at school, among other benefits. Mindfulness is based around cognitive therapy for children that has shown a lot of behavior problems and anxiety and  in kids who started out with high anxiety levels and in the end are left with low levels of anxiety.

There also was a study from 2013 that showed the boys with ADHD, with training in mindfulness, significantly reduced hyperactive behaviors and improved concentration. Other studies have shown to get similar results, and even more, studies are currently underway. A better attendance and grades in school  Anecdotal evidence and some scientific evidence suggests that meditation in schools may help improve the things that school officials like to see grades and attendance. One school district in California expanded its school day by half an hour in some of its “high-risk” schools, to build meditation into the day.

Children’s meditation is the new way of making the world better

meditation children

The main schools where meditation has been tested have reported a lot better attendance and generally happier kids that you can work with. And a lot of researches have supported that. For instance, one study found that mindfulness helped kids during high-stakes tests, by reducing their anxiety and boosting their working memory. A few others have suggested mindfulness training or mindfulness is based stress reduction may help for less aggression, but more work is needed to fully understand the applications.