Do You Like Some Gifts From Your Company? A Businessman From Surat Gifts 1260 Cars And 400 Flats To His Employees

businessman gifts employees

The employee satisfaction holds equal importance as customer satisfaction and it seems that Savji Dholakia understands it. Savji Dholakia is a billionaire from Surat and the owner of Hare Krishna Exports. Some owners can give some small business gifts but no one can be like Savji Dholakia.

The biggest worker appreciation gifts you ever saw

Savji Dholakia really knows how to satisfy his employees with incentive gifts. Hare Krishna Exports deals in diamonds and textiles and this year, the company has gifted a lot of bulk pricing gifts to employees. Some of the bulk pricing gifts given to employees are 1,260 cars and 400 flats. This is not business gifts, this is just an award gift for Diwali. Wonderful, isn’t it? The firm is celebrating its jubilee and has spent Rs. 51 crore on award gifts for Diwali. There were 1,716 employees who have been named as the best performers and all of those employees got them selfs bulk pricing gifts.

businessman gifts employees

The announcement regarding the bonuses was made on Tuesday in an informal meeting. Last year also, the company gifted 200 flats and 491 cars as award gifts for Diwali while the year before that, a whopping amount of Rs. 50 crore was spent on the performance incentives.

The company that gifted flats and cars as award gifts

The company has nearly 5,500 employees and its annual turnover is Rs. 6,000 crore. The employees who will be gifted flats award won’t have to pay the down-payment. Not only this, it will also pay Rs. 5,000 as the monthly installment for 5 years, for the housing loan taken for these houses. The respect that Savji Dholakia commands can be understood by the fact that he is called Savjikaka in Surat and Saurashtra. This is one strong company that takes business gifts to the next level.

Do you like to be a worker at this company and will you appreciation the gifts

Savji hails from Dudhala village and he started the diamond business with the help of a loan that he took from his uncle. Savji is the person who sent his son, to work in Kochi with just Rs. 7,000 so he can learn the real value of money. I’m sure you must be wishing to have been one of the fortunate employees of Hare Krishna Exports who have got the award gifts for Diwali – and why not, who doesn’t want progress and success!!