A Teen Becomes A Model Because Of Her Dark Melanin Rich Skin Color

dark skin model melaninKhoudia Diop is a 19-year-old Senegalese model who was once bullied about her black skin with more melanin. But now the self-proclaimed “Melanin skin Goddess” is taking the internet by storm with her beautifully melanin rich skin color.

17-year-old teen discovered the benefits of her dark skin

“I was teased a lot growing up, because of my melanin rich skin color,” Khoudia, from Paris, told the news. “And now even online sometimes, people will make comments about my melanin rich skin color. Growing up, I faced it by confronting the bullies. As I grew, I learned to love myself and my dark skin more every day, and not pay attention to the people.”

dark skin model melanin

Since then Khoudia, who started modeling when she was 17, has won the internet with her pictures. She made the internet with earning more and more followers on her Instagram account. She’s also inspiring people to embrace their differences, writing that “If you’re lucky enough to be different, don’t ever change.” We couldn’t agree more.

How a 17-year-old teen became a model because of her melanin rich dark skin color?

“I was teased a lot growing up, because of my dark skin tone,” says 19-year-old model Khoudia Diop. “One of my goals is to make all my dark-skinned sisters laugh at those with their “big beauty standards”’’. Khoudia only started modeling 2 years ago when she was just 17.

dark skin model melanin

How can melanin determine your skin color?

In humans, melanin is the determinant of skin color. However, few people know that melanin substance is found in almost every organ of the body.People with a darker skin color have more melanin production in their body. Darker skin people have more melanin in their skin and that’s why they have a darker skin color.

dark skin model melanin