Easy Tips That Can Help You Lose Weight After Your Marriage

lose weight after marriage life spirit love

Weddings are most definitely a time for celebration. The only drawback to this is the post-wedding weight gain, especially for the brides. The worst bit is looking into the mirror, and looking at all of that weight that you have gained over the past few weeks!

Is there an easier way to lose weight after your marriage?

Well, if this has happened to you already, don’t worry. It happens to almost everyone (even with our favorite celebrities) and you are no exception. When Divyanka Tripathi had tied the knot earlier this year, we have seen the weight changes. But as we said, don’t feel bad, because all you need is 1 week to fit into those stunning newly-stitched clothes. A simple twist to your regular routine, a diet chart and you can lose weight faster than ever.

lose weight after marriage life spirit love

So, here is the complete diet chart that newlywed brides need to follow to detox their body of their post-wedding weight gain.

This diet can make you lose weight fast and easy.

Rules that you need to follow if you like to lose weight fast

Here are some common rules that you need to stick to all through this week. Any deviation from these is not an option, as you owe this to your body.

How much you need to drink to lose weight?

Start the day with 2 glasses of water, and have plenty of water throughout the day. You can also have lemon water.

Can tea and coffee lovers drink their drinks and lose weight at the same time?

If you are in the habit of having tea or coffee, then replace it with green tea.

Can oils help you lose weight fast?

Cow’s ghee, sesame, extra virgin olive oil or groundnut oil – only 4 tsp per day is permitted.

What are the right seasonings for weight lose?

lose weight after marriage life spirit love

Lemon, ginger, cumin seeds, turmeric, coriander, rock salt, and green chilies, and other herbs and spices as needed.

If you add a bit of exercise you will make your weight loss optimal

Add some cardio exercise daily to your lifestyle.

The right juices that will make losing weight much easier for you

Add one or two glasses of vegetable juices to your diet (See below to know more about vegetable juices you can add to your diet).


The food routine that you need to follow to complete this one-week weight losing challenge

Sample daily food plan

Here is a sample food plan for you, so that you know how to divide your meals and your calories. Use this as the base for your “Refresher Week” diet.


1 big bowl of fruit and water with ginger and lemon/ green tea with some tulsi leaves in it.


Have some nuts to curb your mid-meal and untimely hunger pangs: a handful of walnuts and almonds are always a good option.


Salad of raw vegetables with a dressing of lemon, pepper, and salt. With this, go for either 1 Katori brown rice or a chapatti. And, end this with a glass of buttermilk.


A fruit with pistachios (these can be lightly spiced and salty) and green tea.


Salad + carrot soup + steamed sprouts or cooked lentils + steamed veggies cooked in minimum oil.

lose weight after marriage life spirit love

The diet plan is varied so that you do not get bored. Eating vegetables and grains in an interesting manner, and making a new pulse daily is the best way to stick to your weight losing plan. This plan would help you lose weight fast and easy in just one week