Stop Dieting With Reduced Fat Cheese! Regular Fat Cheese Is Better For Us, Did You Know That?

eating reduced fat cheeseYou need to put down that ball of skinny mozzarella and step away from the reduced fat cheese aisle. According to a recent study published, regular fat cheese has no effect on your bad cholesterol, and it does have a positive effect on your good cholesterol.

Why regular fat cheese is better than the reduced fat cheese

According to recent studies regular fat cheese, it’s better for your HDL than that lowfat cheese you’ve been eating all these years. Sure, conventional wisdom seems to make logical sense and differences from regular fat cheese and lowfat cheese. Regular fat cheese is packed with saturated fat, so lots of governments have issued guidelines recommending people eat reduced fat cheese, instead. So when researchers undertook the study, aiming to determine the effects of different fat cheeses on cholesterol and “risk factors for MetS, they were probably surprised to find that higher fat cheese doesn’t increase risk factors at all.

How can full-fat cheese be better than lowfat cheese?

The study was 12-week long and included 139 subjects divided into three test groups: fat cheese eaters, reduced fat cheese eaters, and no cheese eaters. The cheese-eating groups included 80 grams of cheese in their daily diets. This is equivalent to about five-eighths of a cup of, say, kraft shredded cheddar cheese.

How can low-fat mozzarella cheese or reduced fat cream cheese be worst then full fat cheese?

The results showed that neither of these cheese-eating groups saw any significant difference in cholesterol levels, blood pressure or insulin levels. The fat cheese eaters saw a bigger level of HDL cholesterol at the end. The presence of HDL cholesterol is good because it helps maintain the endothelium of your blood vessels.

This can help to stave off conditions such as atherosclerosis, which can lead to heart attacks and strokes. This is all great news for any of us need excuses to eat more delicious cheese. Now you can eat delightful full fat cheese without any worries. You can go and try some low-fat cheese if you like, that is your choice.The main thing you need to remember from this study is that fat cheese is not bad for you and you can eat it without worries.