Meet The Most Flexible Woman In The World, The Yoga Queen Zlata

yoga world flexible woman

For yoga, you need to have physical, mental, and spiritual practices, and that is not a problem for the world’s most flexible woman, the one, and only flexy girl, Zlata.


There are a lot of flexible teens who train yoga and then there is Zlata with her awesome flexibility like no other woman, a contortionist, and yoga practitioner from Russia her real name is Julia Gunthel and she just happens to hold the title and the world record of the most flexible woman in the world. You get the feeling that if Zlata gives you a Yoga Lesson you might just drive you round the bend.

The start of the yoga girl flexible courier

Zlata at age of four her kindergarten teacher has seen her potential that she was a flexible teen and after training as a gymnast she moved from her birth country of Kazakhstan to Germany and that’s where Zlata started her career in yoga and flexibility, performing as a contortionist.

Julia Gunther is now a Guinness World Record holder and as flexible women go, the actual medical reason she is so flexible is because her ligaments are still just like an infants. Guinness World Records comment that “Some scientists use the term “hypermobility” to describe unusually unrestricted joint flexibility, and Zlata has certainly demonstrated that she is extraordinarily flexible by setting multiple Guinness World Records titles over the years.”

Zlata the flexible woman made a New World Record

yoga world flexible woman

Julia Gunthel has set the world record for picking up flowers with her mouth in contortion in one only minute time, achieving a staggering back-breaking six. She picked up roses measuring 50 cm in length and placed them in a vase in front of her.And if that isn’t incredible enough Julia Gunthel has gone even further with her record, completing a staggering total of 11 yoga whiles on the Chinese TV channel CCTV in a Guinness World Records Special in Jiangyin, Jiangsu, China last year.

Zlata Is A Woman Of Many Talents, as the main of it is yoga and flexibility

yoga world flexible woman

As well as a gymnast, Zlata has also joined the circus and currently makes a living modeling, acting, doing performance art, and generally wowing people with her epic bendiness and flexibility. Even nude or clothed Julia Gunthel can manage herself into positions that will make your joints hurt and probably ripped apart. In fact, as the most flexible person in the world, Zlata can perform party tricks that are impossible for ordinary people to do, one such trick involves her squashing a balloon between her back and her butt. And don’t even go there thinking about the flexible sex positions.Check out some photos of Julia Gunthel showing off her amazing malleability and proving she is the world’s most flexible woman below.

yoga world flexible woman