Do You Know Top 9 Rules Of Modern Etiquette

modern etiquette rulesEtiquette rules are a daily part of your life, whether you realize it or not. All forms of etiquette rules have been conditioned into you from a young age. While they sometimes seem silly, social etiquette rules can make you blend better amongst people.

Can etiquette rules make you look better in someone’s eyes?

In a chaotic world, these unwritten social etiquette rules are pleasant reminders of mutuality and human compassion. Here are 10 social rules of modern etiquette that are important for you to know.

The 9 most important etiquette rules you need to know

  1. Turn your phone on silent and slip it into your pocket when around people. Try not to even place it on the table. The social etiquette rule is to be present in the moment unwavering human interaction is shockingly underrated.
  2. If you’re late to an organized event, like a yoga class, take the most available position in the back. The social etiquette rule is to not disturb everyone else because you want a spot in the front. Next time, make the effort to be on time!
  3. A text suggesting you will be arriving 30 minutes later than scheduled, 20 minutes before you are expected to meet is not okay. The social etiquette rule is to give your company at least an hour notice so they can plan around your tardiness.
  4. Keep your personal matters restricted to phone or text conversations. The social etiquette rule is to not let social media be your private diary. Your old friend from high school definitely does not need to know intimate details about your life!modern etiquette rules
  5. Don’t take pictures of people in public to later post on social media, or share with others. The social etiquette rule is not to be rude to people, this paparazzi inspired action is beyond rude. If you’re posting photos and your friends is in them, make sure you have their consent.
  6. Don’t pull out someone’s chair for them. The social etiquette rule is that you can’t predict how much space is required for someone to sit comfortably!
  7. The dinner napkin is not a tissue! The social etiquette rule is that you should only use the napkin for blotting the sides of your mouth. If you feel the need to blow your nose, excuse yourself to the bathroom.
  8. Don’t assume someone else is going to pay for your meal or movie ticket, even if it’s a date. Older rules of etiquette might dictate who pays. This makes for much fewer awkward situations.
  9.  Once you’ve shown up to the gathering, please make sure you’ve brought something to present to the host. The social etiquette rule is to thank the host for their hospitality with a small symbol of gratitude.

Etiquette is essentially evaluating the space you occupy. If you’re wondering whether something is considered appropriate, ask yourself, “does this improve the general atmosphere of my surroundings?”. Chances are if you answered yes, then you’re behaving in line with proper etiquette.