Witness The Rise Of The Largest Super Moon In 70 Years, That Will Break Records

largest super moon 70 years rise break recordsBehold! The lunar event that will wow the world! This will be the largest super moon in 70 years, and will break the records since January 25, 1948, when a super full moon was this close to Earth!

Believe it or not, this will be the biggest Moon seen on Earth

This is the biggest Moon seen on Earth. The beautiful supermoon will rise in the sky on the evening of Monday, November 14th. This will be a lunar event that’s almost 70 years. To be considered as the biggest super Moon you need to have the location, timing, and phase of the super moon, all together at certain points. First, the moon must be in either a visible and illuminated super full moon phase, or a dark and entirely invisible new moon phase. Next, the moon’s orbit has to bring it around to the one point where it comes the closest to the Earth and becomes the biggest Moon seen on Earth. Finally, these two factors must occur at the same time and coincide with one another in order for the moon to be called a Super Full Moon.

Neptune’s Largest Moon is not important when we have our Super Full Moon

This upcoming November biggest super Moon happens to be a full one that is occurring when it reaches its closest approach to Earth all month. While all of The Largest Super Moons appear very big and much larger and brighter than the usual Moon, this one is extra special because the moon will be the biggest Moon seen on Earth that it has been in the last sixty-eight years, and will break records.

From NASA say that when the moon is so close to us it’s looming proximity makes the moon appear 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter in the night sky than an apogee full moon. And, because the moon will be at the nearest position to Earth that it has been at in decades, while full, it will look like the biggest Moon seen on Earth! Don’t you miss this and mark the calendar now and start counting down the days until the largest super Moon event.

Besides the scientific explanation for the largest Super Moon, there are other meanings and implications surrounding the happening of this special lunar event, for example,  the Astrological.