The 2$ Lottery Ticket That Changed The Life Of A Homeless Man

lottery changed life homeless man

There are a lot of people that will help others with getting something in return, but there aren’t many people that will help a person without expecting to get something in return. Sofia Andrade with her winning scratch-off lottery tickets made a homeless man cry from happiness.

Was the homeless man expecting that just one lottery ticket can change his life?

There are people out there doing a lot of good things for others, others that they probably know nothing about. It is not an everyday thing, that you come across someone who offers to do something really good, something that even changes the life of another person. There are people that will help others without hoping to get something in return. Such is the story of a single mother who won the lottery with buying a scratch off lottery tickets. She instead of keeping or enjoying the win for herself, she chose to turn her lottery win into something that a homeless man won’t ever forget.

All the money from the winning ticket have gotten in the hands of a homeless person

Her $2 lottery ticket won her almost $200 and instead of taking it to herself, she decided to touch someone’s life with her good luck charm. Sofia Andrade only had $2 to spare and used it to buy an instant lottery ticket. The winning lottery ticket won her $200. However, as she was heading home, she came across a homeless man and decided to invite him for a cup of coffee.

The homeless person that won more than just the lottery

The homeless man, Glenn Williams was so happy about the experience, that he found it so difficult not to cry all through the drive. It was expected that the temperatures in New Bedford would get worse that night, and the local shelters were all full already. Sofia then decided to check Glenn into a hotel for the night instead.Sofia used the money from the winning ticket to help the homeless man as much as she can.With this, she made the homeless man the winner of the lottery ticket.

 Can just 200$ and a Facebook post change the life of a homeless man

She later shared this amazing story on Facebook, and within no time, had got the attention of people who were willing to do something to help, and they were so many. There was a barber who offered to give Glenn a few haircuts, friends who offered some gear to assist during the cold weather, and a small kid sent Glenn a Valentine’s Day card. She further set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise $5000 to help Glenn. In under two days, good willing people had already raised up more than $14,000 for the cause.