Loves Me Or Loves Me Not ? Is Someone Interested In You Or They Are Breadcrumbing?

Breadcrumbing is keeping someone on the hook. So it’s important to find out is someone interested, or that person isn’t ready for a relationship.

It’s important to figure out if some person is Breadcrumbing you. You can let someone have that luxury.

Every person wants to find someone perfect and someone interested for them.

What do the experts say?

Nikki Goldstein Ph.D says that people like to keep their options opened. Sometimes their relationship is opened and they will send signs to other persons, or they are scared of that awkward conversation or hurting someone feelings. There are 11 questions that experts say you should ask yourself, to be sure is someone Interested in you or they are not ready or capable of a relationship.

  1. How is the Situation Progressing?

Is the relationship standing still, because when feelings are involved, a relationship will progress, even if it’s slowly, and there is someone interested.

  1. How many days have passed since the last time you talked?

Maybe a project was due and it consumed the weekend, but you can’t wait for some person 6 months to talk to them.

  1. Is he/she dating other people?

    Someone Interested

Is he using a dating website, or have you heard they are seeing other people?

  1. Do you have Negative Or Positive Interactions?

Do you feel good most of the time? If you don’t he is either not into you or the situation is not working, or someone is not interested.

  1. Is there something more than sex?

If only hang out for a late night happy hour and a quickie afterward then that is not a relationship.

  1. Do they make plans with you?

Sometimes rain checks over a long period of time are understandable, but if you literally never see them, you are not his/hers priority.

  1. What are the things that you talk about?

Someone who is interested wants to have more meaningful conversations, and If a person asks really general information about you, rather than specifics, they are breadcrumbing

  1. What about their attitude?

If a person is bad at showing their interest will be kind and solicitous but the person that is breadcrumbing you will be flippant and non-committal.

  1. Who is the first one that starts the conversations?

Do you always take the initiative to text, or do they do it too, and if they do how do the text look like?

  1. How long it takes to him to respond to your messages?

If a person is sending one-word responses and you’re engaging much more in conversation, it’s a sign that they might just be stringing you along.