Is There A Proof For Mandela Effect? Max Loughan The 13-Year-Old Kid Explained The Mandela Effect

mandela effect max loughan

The 14-year-old could possibly be the smartest kid in the world, at least he sounds like he is when he explained the Mandela Effect in a video. For those who don’t know what’s the Mandela Effect, in very layman’s terms, is a kind of collective memory, a memory shared by many, of events that didn’t actually occur.

Is there proof of the Mandela Effect?

She says that many people think that Mandela died in the 1980s, rather than the more recent 2013. Not sure who those people are, as he was a very public figure since the 80s, but still. Broome has posited the idea that these memories are created by alternate realities. And in the video Max Loughan picks up this idea, theorizing that CERN actually destroyed our universe and that we now exist in another, parallel, universe. And those false memories, the so-called Mandela Effect, are a result of us remembering our original universe that was destroyed by the Large Hadron Collider. It all sounds like something from a Rick and Morty episode rather than anything that actually might have happened and the pice of the Mandela Effect. But still, Max Loughan explained everything about the Mandela Effect and if Mandela effect has something to do with memories, and the list of Mandela effect in a video. He’s got the lingo, that’s for sure.

The kid that explained the Mandela Effect now is about to deliver a TED Talk

And he’s also got some history with understanding, or seemingly understanding scientific principles, as last year he was on local news channel KTVN Channel 2 in Reno and Tahoe. Dressed in his lab coat, and inspired by his scientific heroes, Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein, apparently, he had made what he called an Energy Harvesting Gathering device that cost him as little as $15 which he used to light up some LEDs.

Max Loughan that explained what’s the mandela effect, made an electromagnetic harvester for under 15$

He wants to make the world a better place and to do that, Max believes you need one single thing: “If you got energy, you have power, you have everything. Max took everything into his own hands. He created an electromagnetic harvester out of a coffee can, some wire, two coils, and a spoon. ‘This cost me 14 bucks,’ Max said. The harvester conducts invisible waves and thermal energy and turns it into electricity. This wire takes energy from the air. And the inside the coffee can, “We turn it from AC to DC.”

But, people have their doubts about Max Loughan’s device and its abilities. It’s thought that he actually turned it to a nearby radio frequency, and used the electromagnetic radiation from those radio waves as the power source similar to how a crystal radio is powered. As such it won’t generate that much energy.Still, impressive that he managed to create an energy harvesting device from stuff found around his home. And he certainly can talk the talk. Plus, he’s also been taking online college level MIT courses, which is also very impressive. Keep at it Max Loughan, who knows what you’ll eventually achieve.

mandela effect max loughan