How Many Forms Of Intelligence Do You Know? And Which Is The Highest Form Of Intelligence?

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Like Blaise Pascal once said, “Dull minds are never either intuitive or mathematical.”  There is so many different forms of intelligence, comparative and superlative form of intelligent, forms of artificial intelligence, but what forms of intelligence do you know?

Gerd Gigerenzer the director at the Max Planck Institute for different forms of intelligence, is less about knowing the right answer to the problem and more about understanding what information is unimportant and can thus be discarded from the process. Intuition made the highest form of intelligence.

Someone who has great intuition in things, has more intelligence?

Gigerenzer the author of the book Gut Feelings: The Intelligence of the Unconscious, says that he has both intuitive and rational forms of intelligence. “In my scientific work, I have hunches. I can’t explain always why I think a certain path is a right way, but I need to trust it and go ahead. I also can check all of these hunches and find out what they are about. That’s the science part. Now, in private life, I rely on instinct. For instance, when I first met my wife, I didn’t do computations.I’m telling you this because one of my faithful readers, Joy Boleda, asked a question that stopped me in my dead in my tracks: What about intuition? It has never been titled as a form of intelligence, but would you think that someone who has great intuition in things, has more intelligence?

form of intelligence

Intuition and intellectually to the way of knowledge, as a form of intelligence

My “gut instinct” is to say yes, especially when we are talking about people who are already intellectually curious, rigorous in their pursuit of knowledge, and willing to challenge their own assumptions. Let me put this a bit simpler. If all you do is sit in a chair and trust your intuition that is not intelligent. But if you take a dive into a subject and study a lot of possibilities, you are exercising intelligence when your gut instinct tells you what is more important then something else.Intuition as a form of intelligence could be thought of as a clear understanding of collective form of intelligence. For example, most web sites are today organized in an intuitive way, which means they are easy for most people to understand and navigate. This approach got evolved after many years of chaos online.

The intuitive mind is a gift from God, and the knowledge is something that you need to get

Theo Humphries argues that intuitive design can be described as “understandable without the use of instructions”. This is true when an object makes sense to most people because they share a common understanding of the way things work. Do your legwork, use your brain, share logical arguments, and I’ll trust and respect your intuitive powers.I say this from personal experience; the more research I do, the better my intuition works.Although this may be a paraphrase of his thoughts on the subject, Albert Einstein has been widely quoted as saying, “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.

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We have made the society honor the service and has forgotten to gift.Sometimes, a corporate mandate or group-think or your desire to produce a certain outcome can cause your rational mind to go in the wrong direction. At times like these, it is intuition that can really save you. Smart people listen to those feelings. And the smartest people among us even if they make great intellectual leaps forward they cannot any thing without the power of intuition.