Would You Be Able To Complete Your Work Task Template If You Have No Email After Work?

no email after work

We all live in an age of connection. But is this connection having profound effects on our ability to leave office work where it lay? Some say that we never actually leave office work, thanks to our devices. This is having profound repercussions for our families and our mental health.

Everyone needs to have a work task template and have to know how much is their office work time

Shai Aharony spends his office work responding to e-mails. He runs a small digital marketing company that is based in North London. In 2015, Aharony took a vacation to Sri Lanka with his wife and children. During the 10-day trip, he received more than 200 emails for work duties. While his family was enjoying the view from a Sri Lankan mountaintop, he was running around with his laptop trying to finish his work duties.

no email after work

“All of the work duties dawned on me that this is ridiculous,” Aharony said. “We realized that the vast majority of the work duties were completely unnecessary,” he said. So Aharony made a decision to sent another e-mail. But this one was addressed to all of his staff and his company’s clients. Aharony explained that they should no longer send or respond to any non-urgent work duties outside of regular work hours. This made a big difference. This inability to stop office work while on a holiday is encroaching on our lives quite dramatically these days.”

You need to have a right to disconnect from your office work after work hours

There is a new French law incoming, which mandates that a company cannot email an employee after typical office work hours.This low aims to give the French workers a better duty work balance. If you’ve ever received an email from office workers on your time off, you’ll know the feeling of being pulled away. And this can have mental health implications. That is why this type of duty work will soon become illegal in France.

You need to create some distance from your work duties

France already gives its employees 30 days off a year and 16 weeks of full-paid family leave. But according to French lawmakers, people have an increasingly difficult time distancing themselves from the workplace. And fully enjoying their time off will help them come to work more rejuvenated ready to be productive.