Is There Physics Involved in Distant Energy Healing?


physics distant energy healing

It’s hard to believe in energy healing, let alone distant energy healing. Is there a way for someone to help another person that is on the opposite side of the world? If we look at the physics supporting energy healing, we will be able to discover how distant energy healing actually works.

What is energy healing, and what is the best use for it?

When the energy healing session is started, the client receives the energy that is channeled through an energy healer. Most energy healing practices use hands during the energy healing process. There are more ways to get energy, not to mention energy healing techniques that are more complicated than the standard energy healing used for finding out why did the person lost the energy.

To further explain energy healing process, we need to know what a human actually is. A human being can be described as a combination of the physical body, mind, and Spirit. Medicine mainly works with our physical body; psychology and mind related science are devoted to our mind, and spiritual practices mainly handle energy-informational processes that are vital to human life.

How is energy transmitted throughout the human body and can it heal you?

The energy is transmitted throughout the human body and forms an energy shell with its centers. The human energy is what protects our body from any bad influence that can come from the energy field. Our soul is providing us with the energy of life.

physics distant energy healing

Stable energy shell is vital to human health and quality of life. It is important to know how to bring back energy by using energy healing and trying to get the knowledge that can explain why energy is lost in the first place.

The human brain activity at an energy healing session

The brain activity of the energy healer during the energy healing session becomes the main benchmark for a client. If the client has to resolve energy problems, then using that benchmark to jump start their own brain activity and begin getting information from the field into the energy. If a person falls into the role of an energy vampire and is just trying to get another fix from an energy healer. Pumping more energy towards that person will not be the most effective way of helping.