Smart Denim It’s Working On A New Tech That Involves Touchscreen On Their Clothes

smart denim touchscreen tech

It’s an ad from iconic US jeans maker Levi Strauss for Project Jacquard. Levi Strauss with Google started a project two years ago for so-called “smart” denim. The popular fabric of the future was focused at a recent international fashion fair in Paris.

Can new high-tech clothes change the fashion and make smart tech a piece of our clothes

This is clothing made from specially woven fabric with touch-screen control technology that can be designed in such a way to visually stand out or go unnoticed depending on designers’ wishes. The French company has developt jeans that can give directions without getting the phone out of your pocket. Through blue tooth sensors stitched into the jeans’ waistband, the smart gadget stays out of sight. The two-piece retails for 149 euros ($163) and comes with a small detachable ultraviolet sensor that, through a touch screen device or tablet, sends a “sunscreen alert” when the sunbather’s skin needs more protective cream. On their end, Google and Levi expect to release their denim jacket sometime this year, but it will come with a hefty $350 price tag due in part to its special fabric that allows the wearer to order products online.

Are there some environmental concerns surrounding smart gadgets?

Other international fashion companies have also jumped on the “smart” denim bandwagon. Thermo-regulated fabric and microfiber cloth popular are used in athletic wear. Brazilian textile maker Vicugna Tex til has designed denim that will keep the person wearing them with a perfect stable body temperature. American designer Cone Denim did make a lot of changes and blended its denim with technical fibers to make better and more sophisticated clothes of the future with the better sturdiness of its clothes.

Is smart denim a good product for the environmental and is touchscreen tech making the difference

The companies recognize that they have to input more innovations into the “smart” jeans than just fashion design and connected capabilities. They are trying to make them environmentally friendly. “The consumer demands greater traceability and ecology, especially when it comes to denim because it is a product that is a bit controversial,” said Marion Foret.

smart denim touchscreen tech

Premiere Vision Paris, which organizes trade shows for the textile and clothing sector, including the denim show. Denim is a product that doesn’t always carry the best reputation that’s why the makers are forced to use more ecological processes. Foret added, such as making denim with organic cleaning denim without using water and using dyes that won’t pollute. Dutch fashion designer Pauline van Wong makes denim using fabrics from already worn jeans and its all about the environment.