Short List Of Strange Things That Your Body Does Without You Knowing

strange things body without knowing

The human body is capable of some amazing stuff and things you didnt know. But the funny part by far is all the junk that goes on without us even realizing it. Here is a relatively short list of fun facts about the human body that you did not know about.

Laughter kills pain

strange things body without knowing

That’s right. If you ever get scared, don’t scream and curse. Laugh it off. When we laugh, our bodies release endorphins, which are painkillers produced by the nervous system and pituitary gland. And as anyone with an active lifestyle knows, endorphins make you feel great. But there’s a bit more to it than that. Scientists found that endorphins can increase tolerance to pain. This works best when laughing as part of a group, like at a comedy show. The most interesting fact is that laughing is the best preventative medicine.

Blushing as a body facts

When we’re scared by something or see someone we really like, we all tend to blush a little. While we know about getting a little red in the face, not many know why. When we blush, the capillaries in our cheeks widen, allowing more blood to flow through. Also, the cheeks contain more of these blood vessels than any other part of the human body. Because of their numbers and proximity to the skin’s surface here, the widening causes our skin to take on a rosy hue. Scientists have yet to determine exactly why this phenomenon occurs, but one thing’s for sure. Like Darwin said, blushing is “the most peculiar and most human of all expressions.”

The body is a pharmaceutical factory

The funny fact is the body can not be a drug lab, but it can make its own aspirin. According to a 2008 issue of the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, scientists in Britain found that people who ate fruits and vegetables high in benzoic acid had salicylic acid.The benzoic acid had salicylic acid are the main ingredients in aspirin, in their urine, when the subjects hadn’t taken any aspirin at all. What scientists plan to do with this knowledge is anyone’s guess, but they also found that the levels of salicylic acid were higher in vegetarians.

Walking proteins

strange things body without knowing

Everything in the human body is moving in one way or another, even if we take it on the molecular level. This is achieved through specialized proteins called kinesins. What these busy bees do is actually grab hold of molecules and drag them from one location to another by actually, literally walking in and around your cells, according to a 2003 study out of Stanford University. The scientists who discovered this believe this thing could lead to new treatments for ailments and disease. It has yet to be discovered if any kinesins are able to moonwalk, however.

Most interesting fact is that we glow in the dark

strange things body without knowing

Only certain animals are glowing, like fireflies, glowworms, and some jellyfish. Well, we can now add the human body to this list. Scientists successfully photographed human bioluminescence using super cameras.The glow from the human body emits a light that is too weak to see with the human eye. Like with a lot of things, scientists don’t have a practical use for this knowledge, as of this writing. If this power can be harnessed, people can finally stop using smartphones for a source of light.