Why Is The Time Passing Faster When You Get Older In Life?


time pass faster get older

Speak with any elder person and they’ll all say that ‘time flies away faster than you can blink’!

Can the time be changed when you get older and is the time passing slower or faster?

But as we get older we too feel that days, weeks, months, even years pass by much faster, for some reason, than when we were younger. This phenomenon is really strange considering nothing in reality really changes, except our conscious perception of fast passing time. But why does it affect all people? Turns out math has a really logical explanation for why this phenomenon exists in humans all around the world.


Is the time speeding up right now while you are aging and can you stop it?

time pass faster get older1 second is 1 second for everyone. However, our psychological and subjective perception can make the same second pass very differently. This is because what we call passing time is just our perception of change that we observe. And the details are calculated in our frontal lobe. So, if there is a factor that can affect the calculation happening in our prefrontal cortex, it can change the way we perceive time to pass itself.


Because we don’t have a reference of knowing all our life, we measure it by what all our life represents for us as we live through it. When we are a baby born, a year is a 100% of all our life, but by the passing time when we turn 50, 1 year will comprise 1/50 of all our life! When we are 50 years old, 1 year is only 2% of all our life in our subjective experience. When we are 90 years old, 1 year is 1.01% of all our life! So as we age from childhood to adulthood there are a lot bigger gaps than from 40 to 80 and so on. That’s why passing time seems to be speeding up for most people, especially people who are in their early adulthood.


Should we be focused on how fast times passes and will that affect us?

The timeline was invented by Maximilian Kiener, based on the statement of the philosopher Paul Janet. It’s a psychological illusion based on the way we perceive passing time! But should we be focused on how fast times passes? Shouldn’t we actually live in the time that we so desperately try to control and measure? Should We Worry Of Time Speeding Up? I think that the present time is the only real moment.

That’s the only place in your timeline where you really do things. Even if you think of memories from the past or make plans for the future, you are doing all of that in the present! Time will pass no matter what. But what we make of it is what really matters. Instead of being scared of time passing faster, stop looking at the time and start living your life! Every new experience, every new exciting thing you do will create new iconic memories that stand out. That’s how you make time pass slower!