Top 8 ISRO Women Scientists That Worked In Space Missions

In every space mission in India, there are a thousand of beautiful woman scientists. India has launched satellites and put an orbiter around the Moon and Mars. They did this with the help of extraordinary women scientists.

Most famous woman scientists that did everything they can to make the world better

But behind the scenes of the space missions are a lot of women scientists who changed the world. These women scientists have not even thought of the sky as their limit – quite literally. They are passionate, strong and independent women scientists that look like our neighborhood aunties. All of the extraordinary women scientists pack a punch that would impress the likes of Tony Stark and Elon Musk. Today, let’s take a look at the famous women scientists in ISRO.


Ritu Karidhal is a women scientist that is with ISRO engineers

Ritu Karidhal isro women scientists


As a kid, Mrs. Ritu Karidhal used to wonder why the moon becomes bigger and smaller. She also wondered what lay in the dark side of the moon. And decades later, she became the Deputy Operations Director of the Mars Orbiter Mission. After reading each and everything related to space science as a kid, the women scientists now heads one of the most well-known missions of ISRO.

Moumita Dutta is a women scientist that works as a Project Manager for the Mars Mission

Moumita Dutta isro women scientists

She is the manager for the Mars Mission. She completed her M. Tech in Applied Physics from the University of Kolkata.Today, this women scientists leads a team to make progress in optical sciences. The entire mission has 20% of women scientists involved in the mars mission.

Nandini Harinath is a women scientist at ISRO

Nandini Harinath isro women scientists

This women scientist became inspired after she saw the Star Trek series. Coming from a family of teachers and engineers, she was naturally drawn to science and technology.

She feels proud to see the Mars Orbiter Mission. She works extremely hard, and despite having children, she did not go home for days just before the launch.

Anuradha TK is the senior-most woman officer scientist at ISRO

Anuradha TK isro women scientists

She thought about becoming a scientist when she was just 9 years old. Mrs. Anuradha was hooked to become a woman scientist. She is the inspiration for every woman scientist working in ISRO. Today, she applies the brain to head one of the most important departments in ISRO. “Sometimes I say that I forget that I’m a woman scientist here. You’re treated as an equal here.”

N Valarmathi is the woman scientist that led the launch of India’s imaging satellite

N Valarmathi isro women scientists

She was the second woman scientist after T K Anuradha to head a satellite mission at ISRO. She is the first woman scientist to head a mission that involves a remote sensing satellite.

Minal Sampath is the woman scientist that worked 18 hours a day for the Mars Mission

isro women scientists Minal Sampath

She led a team of 500 scientists at ISRO.  She said goodbye to Sundays and national holidays. She aims to become the first woman scientist director to head a national space agency.

Kriti Faujdar is a woman computer scientist who works at the Master Control Facility

Kriti Faujdar isro women scientists

Kriti Faujdar is a woman scientist that monitors the satellites. She is the person that makes the corrections if something goes wrong. Her work shifts are erratic too.

Tessy Thomas is the missile woman scientist  of India

Tessy Thomas isro women scientists

Tessy Thomas works for the DRDO and not ISRO. We could not leave her out. Because of her achievements, she is fondly called ‘Agniputri’ by the media. There are more than 16,000 women scientists that are working for ISRO and the number is growing.