US Military is Trying to Invent Electrical Stimulation That Can Help a Human to Learn Faster and be More Productive

us military electrical stimulation human learning

One of the hardest things for soldiers or a spy is that they have to immerse themselves in dangerous situations, speak foreign languages, and handle all kinds of weaponry and equipment. To learning everything, your brain needs a lot of training, which is why the Defense Department of US wants to find out a how electrical stimulation can make workers learn these skills faster.

Can electrical stimulation of the brain help the military make a bigger progress in learning?

To explore the possibilities of the human brain waves, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has given more than 50 million dollars for studies of brain enhancement. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency funded the teams looking into how electrical stimulation of the nervous system can help facilitate learning and can enhance the brain waves. The four-year program, called Targeted Neuroplasticity Training, aims to identify safe and optimal electrical stimulation methods.The electrical stimulation can make your brain more enhanced, it’s just like training for the brain.

How are brain enhancements affecting humans and is there a way to make learning easier?

Whatever that can be achieved with brain enhancement remains to be seen. By delivering electrical pulses to the brain, the researchers can figure out how to release certain key neurochemicals. The neurochemicals can change the neural connections in the brain that could have an impact on synaptic plasticity. Tweaking the brain like this can influence the cognitive state of the brain.


Brain Tweaking can influence, how awake you are, or how much attention you’re paying to something. Across the eight teams involved in the program, researchers will be conducting brain experiments on both animals and human volunteers. The difference at how different nerves may end up affecting learning prospects of the brain.

If brain enhancement is a success then everyone will have benefits from it

The team from Arizona University is studying how electrical stimulation could affect surveillance, reconnaissance, and marksmanship skills. Researchers from John Hopkins University are investigating the effects on language learning and brain enhancement. The scientists of the University of Florida will study how electrical stimulation of the vagus nerve in the brain impacts our decision-making. Vagal electrical stimulation is already being used by some scientists to prevent seizures and treat depression but is still poorly understood. If brain enhancement is a success, it’s likely that soldiers and spies will be more prepared for the missions to come.